Take control of your IT infrastructure, integrate, automate and verify.

The big data based automation system, thats ready to aggregate, watchdog and self-heal.
Automation that puts your IT firmly on track to developing a cogent, data driven infrastructure.

Complete control over your IT

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts" - Sherlock Holmes

Big Data approach to data center automation

Our automation platform is incredibly datacentric. First we collect data - logs, alerts, monitorings, audit trails in a single, scalable big data database. This along with metrics within this data allows us to make sane decisions.

Keep your information central or decentralised

Your central store can either be on premise or on the cloud as per your liking and budgets. This store can even be on a single box as a sigle db with access to all or as multiple dbs that works on each zone within your datacenter.

Reports and dashboards of metrics New

Reports and dashboards can be driven out of metrics collected by our central platform. The great thing about these reports are that it can potentially span across multiple applications and multiple domains. These can be datacenter based reports (e.g. cpu usage averages timelines) or specific application cluster based reports (e.g. disk throughput for the website)

Workflow automation

Powerful workflow automation puts all of the above to good use. Figure out your common weak points or maintenance activities and automate those tasks. These tasks can be set to run at a specific time, as response to alerts received by the database or when specific metrics hit a certain threshold as in reports (e.g. Clean up swap space when the average disk throughput drops below a certain value)

Cogent Automation Platform (aka CAP)

CAP is a platform for automation teams within IT. CAP enables Windows, Unix, Network, Virtualization and Application-level automation. It features direct integration with email systems, databases, ticketing systems, status monitors and build & deployment tools. CAP is easy to use, train and write workflows in.

Multichannel Integration

Multichannel integration allows logs, alerts, monitoring data to be all easily and effortlessly aggregated in a single location. Mutlichannel integration also applies to automation. You can trigger a workflow through any medium – email, web, voice, sms, or ticketing systems. Outputs and notifications can be received through various systems.

Rigorous process & security compliance

Guaranteed process compliance by wiring the required process into a workflow, ensuring that all approvals are processed and documented as required. Eliminate password sharing completely using workflows. L1 agents can now launch automated workflows without the need for privileged (root/admin) access to key systems.

Complete audit trail

Complete audit trail of every action, approval and workflow run is maintained for various compliance checks and KPI measurements. All of these audit trails are also maintained in our Big Data enabling you to pull out reports and metrics from this audit trail information as well.

Mostly Open Sourced and Cloud ready

Mostly open sourced software allows great reliability and future proofing for your infrastructural needs. We are also ready for the cloud. Host CAP internally or as a managed service. We are ready to deliver wherever you want us to be.

Effective automation

Automation is the key to a successful, efficient and responsive IT division. The ability to routinely run complex, heavily customized, mission critical work ows requires signi cant automation. As a cost-effective, non-restrictive and secure automation product, CAP is designed to perform incremental automation. Existing processes are automated without modi cations, existing scripts are reused, making for a non-disruptive integration of CAP in your IT environment.

CAP covers a wide range of automation scenarios.

"Focus on creating and delivering more and more value for your customers by efficiently managing IT. With our consultants helping you get the most out of CAP, you will never be amiss."

Rajmohan Nair, CEO

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